1. Title of the practice:

v “Nurture the sapling nd it nurtures the earth”.

2. Goal:

v To make every student in the college to adopt one plant. He/she has to take care of the plant during their stay in the campus (i.e. 3 years or 5 years). They have to nurture the plant during all the hard times. At the end of their stay the college pins a card bearing the name of the students who every have nurtured it.

3. The Context:

v The need for greenery is a pressing desire for the earth. The globalisation and modernisation has killed the vitality of nature. The loss of huge trees is witnessed by all now a days. To make the earth a place to live there is a great need for plantation.

4. The Practice:

v Vanammanam is an activity that is conducted regularly in the campus.

v The Dignitaries, those whoever will visit the college, are requested to plant a sapling in their name.

v The NSS volunteers planted saplings in the villages they adopted during their special camp.

v The Principal and the staff donated many medicinal saplings to the botanical garden of the college.

5. Evidence of Success:

v So far the clean and green drive program launched has brought discernible change in the students’ attitude towards environment. Students have acquired good qualities such as team spirit, respecting dignity of labour, positive and healthy attitude and eco friendliness.


v The college has been located in the back ward area which has been constantly hit by drought and acute water shortage especially during summer.

v To make all these activities continual and conspicuous water facility is to be provided year long. Pipe lines should be laid to supply water to all corners of the college to save greenery.

v Environmental consciousness among all the students is of immense utility to the college and to the society because of its contribution to the survival of nature.